Why It Works

Our methods help you to build a relationship based on leadership and trust with your best mate, without using food treats. This enables you to teach your dog reliable obedience under distraction, which is effective in every-day situations, and to address a range of behavioural issues.

The problem with food treats

The Problem with Food Treats.jpg

Food treats are great for trick training – fun, optional behaviours, where it doesn’t matter if your dog doesn’t do it every time. The problem with using treats for obedience training, is we often need our dogs to listen to commands when they don’t actually want to listen. If what they want to do is more exciting than the food in your pocket (or worse still, you forgot to bring the food!) then you really have nothing left to convince them that coming back when called is a better idea than chasing that rabbit.

A lot of undesirable behaviours are also self-rewarding. If allowed to perform these behaviours, the dog effectively generates its own reward, and is not adversely affected by the withholding of treats or attention. For example, a dog often jumps up because they want to be closer to the person. This means that just ignoring the jumping behaviour may be ineffective, as the dog is essentially still getting what they want, which is to be closer to you.

Our methods provide a balanced approach to training, and include using verbal feedback to help the dog decipher desirable behaviours from undesirable ones and rewarding them enthusiastically when they make the right choice.